SmarterPharm merge with Pharmacy Alliance

With significant changes occurring in the pharmacy industry primarily driven by PBS reforms, SmarterPharm selected Pharmacy Alliance to improve resources and support for member pharmacies.

Pharmacy Alliance is committed to providing SmarterPharm members with a sustainable progressive opportunity to navigate industry change.

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Becoming a SmarterPharm member will maximise profitability in your pharmacy through SmarterPharm membership. Gain access to excellent:

  • Wholesale trading terms
  • OTC buying guide
  • Generic supply deals
  • Vaccine supply deal
  • Professional Services Support
  • Retail Management Tools
  • Local Area Marketing

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Why SmarterPharm?

  • ✔ Independent pharmacies need buying power to recoup declining profits due to PBS reform and increased competition
  • ✔  SmarterPharm gives pharmacy owners the ability to maintain independence and control of their pharmacy with the strength and benefits of group membership
  • ✔  SmarterPharm provides pharmacy owners with better buying, professional and retail solutions to build customer loyalty, drive sales and increase profitability

About SmarterPharm?

  • ✔ SmarterPharm merged with Pharmacy Alliance, Australia’s largest independent pharmacy group in February 2017
  • ✔ SmarterPharm offers independent pharmacy owners:
    • Low cost membership that allows you to maintain independence and control of your pharmacy
    • The buying power of 650 members nationally through the merger with Pharmacy Alliance
    • Flexible and optional solutions

The SmarterPharm Business Solutions Package

  • First rate PBS & OTC wholesale trading terms
  • Negotiated generic supplier deals
  • Increased OTC supplier discounts
  • Comprehensive buying guide with PDE Terms
  • Vaccine supply deal
  • Professional Services Support Program – optional
  • Retail Management Solutions Program – optional
  • Integrated local area marketing
  • Low cost membership fees
  • Minimum quantity buys

The SmarterPharm business health check

Our business health check will show you where we can unlock hidden profit potential for your pharmacy. Our experienced Business Development Managers through our business health check tool will:

  • ✔  Review your OTC and Ethical wholesale discount opportunities with SmarterPharm trading terms
  • ✔  Shows how to improve profitability and cash flow with the SmarterPharm Buying Guide that outlines negotiated supplier deals
  • ✔  Highlights ways to optimise support from generic drug manufacturers
  • ✔  Shows how you can transform the way customers pursue and value your pharmacy by integrating structured, professional services
  • ✔  Examines the use of retail management tools to increase FOS sales, competitiveness and customer loyalty

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