Smarter buying. Smarter solutions.

SmarterPharm - The power in your hands.

SmarterPharm offer independent pharmacy owners a low-cost membership that helps you access the buying power of more than 750 members nationally while maintaining your full independence.

Pharmacy Alliance is committed to let you stay in control of your pharmacy but have all the strength and benefits of group membership.

Membership benefits that save you time and give you buying power.

  • Best in market wholesale offer.
  • We aggregate our total membership size to negotiate the best in market offers.
  • Gives you access to smarter buying and smarter business solutions.

About Pharmacy Alliance

Second generation pharmacist Simon Reynolds started Pharmacy Alliance in 2002, with two specific goals in mind:

Empower independent pharmacies by increasing their profits, and provide innovative and effective retail tools and services to pharmacies.

For the last few decades, we’ve been able to do just that – growing our pharmacy network to over 750 members. Understanding the intricacies of pharmacy has allowed us to grow our service offering, equipping our members with the tools they need for success. Pharmacy is in our DNA.

About SmarterPharm

  • SmarterPharm merged with Pharmacy Alliance, Australia’s largest independent pharmacy group in February 2017.
  • SmarterPharm offers independent pharmacy owners:
    • Best in market wholesale offers.
    • The buying power of 750 members nationally. 
    • Flexible and optional solutions.

Why SmarterPharm

  • Independent pharmacies need buying power to recoup declining profits due to PBS reform and increased competition.
  • SmarterPharm gives pharmacy owners the ability to maintain independence and control of their pharmacy with the strength and benefits of group membership.
  • SmarterPharm provides pharmacy owners with professional services, business support and marketing support to build customer loyalty, drive sales and increase profitability.

The SmarterPharm Business Solutions Package

  • SmarterPharm offers independent pharmacy owners:
    • Low-cost membership fees.
    • Best in market wholesale offer.
    • Every day trading terms on PBS, Fridge, DDs.
    • Industry leading pricing on privates.
    • Capped pricing on high-cost contract lines.
    • Access to selected hospital and vet items.
    • Optional extras:
      • JLT Insurance Program.
      • Ticketing Program.
      • Local Area Marketing Plans.
      • Space to Sales Measurement.
      • One-off Business Plans.
      • Professional Services.

      Professional services for your pharmacy

      The SmarterPharm Business Health Check

      Our SmarterPharm Business Health Check will show you how to unlock hidden profit potential for your pharmacy.

      With the guidance of our experienced Business Development Managers, this business health check will:

      • Review your OTC and Ethical wholesale discount opportunities with SmarterPharm trading terms.
      • Guide you to improve profitability and cash flow with the SmarterPharm Buying Guide. 
      • Highlight ways to optimise support from generic drug manufacturers.
      • Show how you can transform the way customers perceive and value your pharmacy by integrating structured, professional services.
      • Examine the use of retail management tools to increase FOS sales, competitiveness and customer loyalty.

      Pharmacist Visit

      Optimise your professional services with a half-day visit by our Pharmacist team who will:

      • Review processes and provide advice to boost professional services revenue:
        • 7CPA (MedsChecks, Clinical Interventions, Dose Administration Aids).
        • Pharma Programs.
        • Ultilisation of MedAdvisor / GuildCare.
      • Provide pharmacy resources for implementation of:
        • Vaccination Services.
        • Health Checks.
        • Leave Certificates.
      • Provide an update on current pharmacy industry intiatives (e.g. e-Prescriptions, Trial 7CPA Programs).

      Contact us today to find out how to improve the health of your pharmacy.

      Business support for your pharmacy

      Business Plans

      We will work with you to produce a personalised business plan that outlines easy-to-implement actions that will make a measurable difference to your pharmacy's performance.

      Our business plan covers:

      • SWOT analysis
      • Setting specific business goals
      • Category review
      • Generics review
      • GP analysis and recommendations
      • Marketing recommendations

      JLT Insurance Program

      Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) is one of the world's leading providers of insurance and proud partner of Pharmacy Alliance, in delivering comprehensive, innovative and competitive solutions to protect members from risk and uncertainty.

      Currently, a large number of Pharmacy Alliance Members are insured with JLT and enjoying the benefits of this exclusive, competitively priced, member only insurance program. 

      Space to Sales Measurement

      Understanding which campaigns and strategies drive the most sales for your pharmacy can help you build on your successes and minimise missteps. However, measuring productivity and performance calls for more than simply checking to see if your pharmacy makes a profit each month.

      An effective way to assess what works best is to adopt metrics that show your pharmacy's strengths as well as areas that need improvement.

      Data can alert pharmacy owners of trends you may not be aware of, which enables you to make adjustments. This data can be gathered by using various retail math formulas and calculations based on sales. If you track these metrics on a regular basis, you can grow your business efficiently. 

      With Pharmacy Alliance, our team can help you understand where sales are generated, by which employees, and how you can maximise sales growth.

      Marketing support for your pharmacy

      Ticketing Program

      Together with Shopfront Solutions, we have developed a ticketing printing system designed specifically for your pharmacy. Alliance Ticketing allows you to:

      • Use the calendar function to see scheduled promotions for catalogues, KVIs with the right ticket template.
      • Print tickets for your own promotions.
      • Use pre-printed base ticket stock or print headers and product / price information on blank ticket stock.

      Local Area Marketing Plans

      Local Area Marketing (LAM) involves recognising and executing local marketing opportunities by engaging with local individuals, groups, businesses and media. 

      The Pharmacy Alliance LAM program helps you increase brand awareness to attract, retain and grow your customer base.   

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